October 21, 2014 : Say Goodbye To Beware The Batman

It what seems to be a yearly tradition, another animated show I enjoy has had its run prematurely ended. This year, the tragedy belongs to Beware the Batman. While it’s fate was sealed nearly a year ago when Cartoon Network pulled it from the airwaves, the first run of episodes didn’t finally conclude until late September (with a seven episode marathon on Adult Swim to finish out its first and only season).


I don’t know exactly where to rank this in terms of my disappointment, but it is up there – probably not as high as a Genndy series, but definitely above ThunderCats. It’s not much of a secret, but I am a huge Batman fan. I am not sure how critics or other fans felt; but I enjoyed this series.

In addition to being 3D, I felt it did a good job of putting a new spin on the franchise. This was the first time I was introduced to Katana (a character who made sparring appearances in other DC properties), and I liked how Alfred was more than just a wise, old man. He was more than willing to bitch slap you to next Tuesday. Plus, the villains were a nice mix of popular and lesser known.

I am at least glad the overarching story for the season was wrapped up; but as is the case with most of these shows, another story line was set up that I would have wanted to see. Sadly, Anarchy’s antics will have to wait for another time.

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March 30, 2012 : Say Goodbye To ThunderCats

Apparently it wasn’t that thunderous of a return. Cartoon Network’s recent upfront release showed that ThunderCats will not be one of the returning shows next year. This comes nearly a year after the cancellation of Sym-Bionic Titan. For the record, I will be more bummed about losing Titan, but ThunderCats was still a worthwhile show.

The new season just premiered last week, which implies this decision was made without TV ratings in mind (or at least the new season’s). Many speculated the demise of the show due to no new toys being released at the recent Toy Fair.

The question is – which action precipitated which? Were no new toys made because the show was about to be cancelled, or was the show cancelled because their weren’t marketable toys? If it was the former, then why would a second season even be green lit if the show was to be canned before the new season started? If it was the latter, then what the hell? Growing up, I couldn’t have enough ThunderCat toys. Then again, I couldn’t believe Sym-Bionic Titan couldn’t find a market for toys with a giant robot as its main character.

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March 9, 2012 : ThunderCats’ Thunderous Return

After a 4 month hiatus (and an apparent gag order on its future), Cartoon Network finally announced the premiere date for ThunderCats’ second season – and they even released a few clips of the first episode. The show is moving to Saturday mornings, and the new season kicks off March 24th.

After not hearing much about the show’s production status, I was starting to worry that it was going to suffer a fate similar to Symbionic Titan. It’s far from a runaway hit, but it at least got a new season – and that is reason to celebrate.

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December 2, 2011 : We Are… DC Nation

It’s not hot off the presses, but a few weeks ago Cartoon Network aired a trailer for its new Friday programming block set to start in 2012 – DC Nation.

The block will possess a mix of series and shorts, all supposedly DC Comics related. The three initial series are ThunderCats (is that DC related?), the new Green Lantern Series, and Young Justice. The shorts seem cool, but I’m more interested in seeing what other TV shows develop out of the programming block. If it’s succes sful, hopefully it will spawn some cool new shows – maybe a new Kevin Conroy voiced Batman series?

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July 7, 2011 : A New ThunderCats Series? Oh. I Mean Hooooo.

While I’d prefer to see Sym-bionic Titan back, Cartoon Network premieres the new ThunderCats series in a few weeks. The reboot kicks off with an hour long episode on July 29th.

I’m really digging the anime feel; and with Studio 4°C in charge of the animation, it’s a good bet that it will done well. To make things even cooler, Will Friedle (of Batman Beyond fame) voices Lion-O.

Another interesting tidbit… the original voice of Lion-O (Larry Kenney) will also be in the series – as the voice of Lion-O’s father. Throw in the voice talents of Claus from American Dad (Dee Bradley Baker), and this is a series I plan on giving a shot. Besides, based off my childhood, I believe I’m obligated.

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