July 7, 2011 : A New ThunderCats Series? Oh. I Mean Hooooo.

While I’d prefer to see Sym-bionic Titan back, Cartoon Network premieres the new ThunderCats series in a few weeks. The reboot kicks off with an hour long episode on July 29th.

I’m really digging the anime feel; and with Studio 4°C in charge of the animation, it’s a good bet that it will done well. To make things even cooler, Will Friedle (of Batman Beyond fame) voices Lion-O.

Another interesting tidbit… the original voice of Lion-O (Larry Kenney) will also be in the series – as the voice of Lion-O’s father. Throw in the voice talents of Claus from American Dad (Dee Bradley Baker), and this is a series I plan on giving a shot. Besides, based off my childhood, I believe I’m obligated.

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March 3, 2011 : More American Dad A-Comin’

Even though it was on the bubble, American Dad has been renewed for another season.

Being my favorite Seth MacFarlane show, I am very pleased to hear this. Its future was uncertain there for a while, and I attribute the renewal to two factors.

1) Seeing as how Seth MacFarlane has two other shows on its Sunday Animation Block, FOX would prefer not to piss him off.
2) Bob’s Burgers hasn’t fared all that well ratings wise.

If I had to bet, I would wager reason #2 had more influence in FOX’s decision – but I don’t care how American Dad got renewed, I’m just glad it did (particularly since Bob’s Burgers wasn’t impressive enough to replace it).

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