July 7, 2011 : A New ThunderCats Series? Oh. I Mean Hooooo.

While I’d prefer to see Sym-bionic Titan back, Cartoon Network premieres the new ThunderCats series in a few weeks. The reboot kicks off with an hour long episode on July 29th.

I’m really digging the anime feel; and with Studio 4°C in charge of the animation, it’s a good bet that it will done well. To make things even cooler, Will Friedle (of Batman Beyond fame) voices Lion-O.

Another interesting tidbit… the original voice of Lion-O (Larry Kenney) will also be in the series – as the voice of Lion-O’s father. Throw in the voice talents of Claus from American Dad (Dee Bradley Baker), and this is a series I plan on giving a shot. Besides, based off my childhood, I believe I’m obligated.

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