March 18, 2024 : Happy Saiyan Day… Yes, It’s A Thing

How am I just hearing about this now?! Apparently, March 18th is Saiyan Day. If you’re asking why, first… shut up. Second: apparently, 3-1-8 in Japanese is San-Ichi-Hachi; and when that is shortened, it sounds like “Saiyan”. I’m not sure I get it, but does that really matter?

The main character Saiyans of the Dragon Ball franchise

I can’t find how long Saiyan Day has been around or its origins. Based on my search on the interwebs, it is at least 6 or 7 years old. It also seems to be really popular with the Dokkan video game, which I do not play. Still, I fully endorse this. Time to hop on this train!

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