April 25, 2024 : Back In C4D (And Now Redshift)

I’ve been able to squeeze in some C4D sequences into a project at work, which is great since I’m due (not to mention it’s one of my personal goals). The shots I’ve worked on so far haven’t been too ambitious, but they are still pushing me to expand my skillset within the software:

Render from Cinema 4D, using Redshift

One of my biggest weaknesses in not just Cinema 4D, but any 3D package, is lighting/rendering. For a few of these shots, I decided to go with Redshift as the renderer – something that was added to C4D a few years ago – just to see how it works.

Since the shots are getting added to a 2D look within After Effects, I’ve kept things very basic; but it has been interesting to see what Redshift has to offer.

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