March 30, 2012 : Say Goodbye To ThunderCats

Apparently it wasn’t that thunderous of a return. Cartoon Network’s recent upfront release showed that ThunderCats will not be one of the returning shows next year. This comes nearly a year after the cancellation of Sym-Bionic Titan. For the record, I will be more bummed about losing Titan, but ThunderCats was still a worthwhile show.

The new season just premiered last week, which implies this decision was made without TV ratings in mind (or at least the new season’s). Many speculated the demise of the show due to no new toys being released at the recent Toy Fair.

The question is – which action precipitated which? Were no new toys made because the show was about to be cancelled, or was the show cancelled because their weren’t marketable toys? If it was the former, then why would a second season even be green lit if the show was to be canned before the new season started? If it was the latter, then what the hell? Growing up, I couldn’t have enough ThunderCat toys. Then again, I couldn’t believe Sym-Bionic Titan couldn’t find a market for toys with a giant robot as its main character.

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