October 21, 2014 : Say Goodbye To Beware The Batman

It what seems to be a yearly tradition, another animated show I enjoy has had its run prematurely ended. This year, the tragedy belongs to Beware the Batman. While it’s fate was sealed nearly a year ago when Cartoon Network pulled it from the airwaves, the first run of episodes didn’t finally conclude until late September (with a seven episode marathon on Adult Swim to finish out its first and only season).


I don’t know exactly where to rank this in terms of my disappointment, but it is up there – probably not as high as a Genndy series, but definitely above ThunderCats. It’s not much of a secret, but I am a huge Batman fan. I am not sure how critics or other fans felt; but I enjoyed this series.

In addition to being 3D, I felt it did a good job of putting a new spin on the franchise. This was the first time I was introduced to Katana (a character who made sparring appearances in other DC properties), and I liked how Alfred was more than just a wise, old man. He was more than willing to bitch slap you to next Tuesday. Plus, the villains were a nice mix of popular and lesser known.

I am at least glad the overarching story for the season was wrapped up; but as is the case with most of these shows, another story line was set up that I would have wanted to see. Sadly, Anarchy’s antics will have to wait for another time.

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