March 31, 2011 : Say Goodbye To Sym-Bionic Titan

Genndy Tartakovsky has yet another series end prematurely on Cartoon Network. They released next season’s schedule, and it does not have Genndy’s Sym-Bionic Titan on it. While it hasn’t been formally cancelled, the absence of the show on the upcoming season’s schedule shows it has not been renewed – a similar fate as Genndy’s greatest show, Samurai Jack.

According to the article, while Titan received competitive ratings, the decision to not move forward with another season was because “it didn’t have enough toys connected to it”. Personally, this seems like a weak reason, but it obviously contributes to the show’s bottom line. The more pressing question is – how does a show featuring robots not have marketable toys? Not only does each character their own robot, but they form together to create an entirely new one (Titan… the baddest of them all).

That means the remaining two episodes will be the series last, barring any miracles. Sadly, so many cool storylines will not be resolved (or even touched). But I guess at this point, there’s no use crying over spilled milk – all one can do now is make sure they enjoy these last two episodes.

Although, it is disheartening to see another good show end too soon.

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October 9, 2008 : Looks Promising, It Does Not

As expected, Star Wars: The Clone Wars looks to be a sub-par series – at least for older fans of the show.  The concerns about the look and design of the series/movie were expressed in a previous post; and while this is still an issue, the bigger worry was whether or not the storyline would be intriguing to all fans.

It Can't Be As Bad As The Christmas Special...Can It?

Unfortunately, the movie was received very poorly by both critics and fans alike; and one of the sticking points was how it was geared almost solely to kids (I believe a few critics called it a Saturday Morning Cartoon).  Of course as no surprise, the movie was still a commercial success.

I decided not to see the film.  After all, I was not about to shell out $12 to see something that I had heard nothing but bad things about.  Therefore, I decided to reserve my judgement until I saw an episode or two.


After watching one episode, I don’t know if I can get through episode two.  There are definitely worse things on TV, but this is by far the most disappointing albeit no longer surprising.  The show does gear itself towards a younger crowd, which does not have to mean it’s bad.  After all, the same could be said of the earlier series of Star Wars: Clone Wars, but that was a great series.  It still had an interesting story, with great animation and effects.  The new series…does not.

Not Intended To Dominate A Script

It should also be pointed out that in the episode I watched, Yoda had way too many lines. – and long lines at that.  With his style of speaking, it just sounded awful and a bit annoying.

I will probably watch a random episode here and there – but rest assured, it will be more so out of boredom rather than excitement.

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