September 1, 2010 : God & Co.

Stephen and Joel Levinson created, wrote, and directed a few animated shorts called God & Co. The shorts aren’t bad. They have won several awards, and apparently they are pitching the idea around.

Smite them! He's a cooking a something up.

The really cool part about this is the backstory to the creation of these shorts. After writing the first script, these NYC brothers asked a few famous comedians to be in their short – comedians they didn’t know… and to do so without any compensation. The cool thing, was they all said yes.

The end result, a bunch of pretty funny people lending their voices. Leading the charge, is Jonathan Katz… starring as God. The shorts were also animated under the supervision of Ed Mundy (who has experience with Archer and Sealab 2021).

Needless to say, a pretty impressive cast and crew.

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