October 10, 2023 : Scavengers Reign

I’m a sucker for Sci-Fi, which is probably why this trailer for a new HBO Max series piqued my interest:

Visually, I’m all in. I am curious about the pipeline. While going for the 2D look, there are clearly 3D elements. Are the characters actually hand drawn, or was 3D used to make it look 2D? I doesn’t look like a 3D cel shader, but I’m not a 100%.

Story wise, I’m a little less on board. The sci-fi hook is definitely my brand, but the thriller part can lend itself to too many WTF moments. The trailer implies the pacing can be a little slow, and I got some serious Akira vibes. We’ll see, but I’ll probably put this on the list of shows to check out (eventually).

posted by Pi Visuals at 12:23 am

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