May 14, 2023 : Lightwave’s Return To Relevancy?

One could make the argument that this post’s title is total click bait, but that assumes people still care about (or remember) Lightwave. Anyway, the answer to the title’s question is probably not; however there was Lightwave news last month nonetheless. Specifically, it was sold off to another party with the intent on “reinvigorating” the software.

Ultimately, I’m not sure much will come out of this, but I suppose anything’s possible. The bigger question is probably why is this still on my radar, and the answer is I haven’t had time to move onto a different package (aka Blender) – which leaves the door open for Lightwave. Until I have another (most likely personal) project where I need 3D software, I’m still keeping Lightwave around since I have an up to date version. I’m sure there’s the nostalgia factor as well…

posted by Pi Visuals at 1:21 am

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