April 15, 2023 : C2E2 2023 In The Books!

Two weekends ago the joy that is C2E2 took place. I went last Summer, but this was the first Spring C2E2 since 2020… i.e. before the world ever heard of Social Distancing. As expected, it was a fun filled weekend with plenty of great costumes, including this gem:

I only hit one panel, and per usual, didn’t buy any artwork; but all felt right with the world. I must say the DBZ cosplay felt underrepresented. That prompted me to at least consider dusting off the Vegeta costume for next year (April 26-28!) with my Goku wingman. We’ll see if it comes to fruition, but to be honest, it’s something I’ve thought about the past few years. We last dressed up in 2017!

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