December 2, 2016 : Spirited Away 15th Anniversary Theatrical Re-Release

Fathom Events is known to do some limited re-releases – most notably The Iron Giant last year. In honor of its 15th anniversary, they will have a 3-day theatrical run for Spirited Away. The screenings will take place Sunday, December 4, as well as the following Monday and Thursday. Sunday’s screening will be the English dub, while Monday’s will be English subtitled. I am not sure about Thursday.

So good.

Spirited Away is Miyazaki’s most successful movie. I was surprised to find out it is still Japan’s highest grossing film (Number 2 and 3 is Titanic and Frozen, respectively). To be honest, I think my favorite Miyazaki film is Princess Mononoke – although that’s probably because that was my first exposure to the director/ animator. Either way, Spirited Away is beyond solid and seeing it at the theaters would be a great way to appreciate the artwork (and story).

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