June 6, 2016 : New Ultra Vector Artwork

I recently dusted off Ultra and created a quick document that summarized the intent of the project if it were to become a series (a mini-Pitch Bible of sorts). I limited it to four pages but made sure it covered the essentials: a general overview, character bios, and potential future episodes. To spice up the document – and prevent it from being too bland – I created some vector artwork to accompany the text.

As you’d expect, this was done in Illustrator. Coming up with the design took some time. It wasn’t easy creating a graphic that wasn’t a still image from the animation. It needed to capture the essence of Ultra without focusing too much on a particular character or event. Plus it needed to be black and white to complement the text. Ultimately, I was making a logo, and I was happy with the end result. It was placed off to the left of each page:

The graphic ensured the pages weren’t too text heavy. Having just a bunch of paragraphs would have made the document much less appealing to read. Overall, I was very pleased with the layout template for each page. As a side note, the bullet points were also made in Illustrator, and I felt they were a nice touch.

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