June 14, 2014 : Ultra’s Title Card

I haven’t revealed the name of the short I’ve been working on these past few months. I suppose it’s been intentional, but it is mostly because I was waiting to complete the Intro animation before doing so. Although, technically if you were observant enough, you would have seen the title since it was the tag for each post about the short.

Anyway, the Intro animation is complete, and below is the Title Card for the short:

Intro animations are always difficult. They are the first thing the audience sees; but since they are often not part of the original story, they are put together more as an after thought. In my opinion, the importance of the intro cannot be understated. That is why I try not to rush them, which is also why it took so long for me to complete it – it took me a while to come up with the look and feel that felt right.

Overall, I like how the Intro animation came out. Unfortunately, it is not yet online for anyone to view. Perhaps, I will share it in the next few weeks, but no promises. At the very least, you were able to check out the title card for the short. So… you’re welcome.

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