June 10, 2014 : Establishing Crowd Shots… Such A Pain

Establishing shots are necessary at the start of a scene to tell the audience where they’re at. They sound simple enough, but I hate when this shot occurs in a crowded area. This requires a great deal of time (and resources) to adequately convey a populated location.

This new short starts off in a store, which is supposed to be pretty busy. Audio can help with setting the tone, but fortunately I had enough models from previous projects to throw into the scene that created a satisfactory crowd scene.

Can you determine how many previous projects, excluding this one, are represented in this shot? Here’s a hint: it’s not three.

Several of these models will be used as additional non-animated background characters to help keep the illusion of a crowded store. However, this initial establishing shot was the only one that needed to have all these characters in it – and that’s a good thing because my computer does not like loading very many models into one Lightwave scene file. I was forced to break it up into sub-scene files, which required that much more time to generate this shot. I guess that’s just another reminder I need a new computer.

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