July 10, 2012 : Anime Back In Full Force

With Toonami’s recent return to Adult Swim, enjoyable anime is once again on TV. Deadman Wonderland has been impressive (although Cashern is still subpar). The concept is original, and it has moved at a very brisk pace. It’s unlikely Bleach will ever return to its prime, so hopefully Toonami will continue to pick up solid new anime. One show I’m hoping they get the rights to is Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt. The official trailer is below.

It’s obviously bizarre – yet again, that shouldn’t be too surprising since it’s by the creators of FLCL. The director of Garterbelt was also heavily involved in that show. The only drawback I can think about the series is that there isn’t any music from The Pillows.

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