July 1, 2008 : Princess

Being a huge Southpark (not to mention Trey Parker and Matt Stone) fan, it was surprising to hear that Matt and Trey created a Flash animated series in 2001 entitled Princess.

Would you like some tea?

Originally, Princess was supposed to be somewhere between 39 and 64 episodes (each 3-5 minutes in length); and it was to air on www.shockwave.com – a sister-site of Macromedia (which was the previous producer of Flash before Adobe took over the rights of the software package).

The agreement stated Trey and Matt would be able to create their series without constraints or censorship.  After the release of South Park, the people at Macromedia really should have known better.  Apparently after seeing the first two episodes, Macromedia nullified the contract; and no new episodes have been made since.

The links to these two episodes are below.  While it isn’t as good as South Park, Matt and Trey’s presence is obvious.  Plus, it is pretty good for a Flash cartoon that dates back to seven years ago.

Episode 1

Episode 2

It should go without saying that ‘Viewer Discretion Is Required’ – in fact, this is far worse then anything that can be showed on Comedy Central.  Enjoy.

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On July 1st, 2008, at 1:00 pm, Moridin said ...

Wow, that was… vulgar. I wonder if Matt and Trey purposely tried to goad Macromedia into canceling the contract, just to see how many episodes it would take. Makes you wonder what they would have tried in the third episode.