March 6, 2021 : Linus and Lucy

A normal Holiday tradition of mine is to relearn Linus and Lucy on piano (commonly known as the Peanuts theme song). Sadly, I haven’t done it the last two years. As such, I challenged myself the last month and change to spend 10-15 minutes a day on the song – even learning a slightly new arrangement. Below is the end result.

It’s far from perfect – with a few rough spots – but overall I was happy with it. I recorded it to keep myself honest with achieving my goal, but I also used it as an exercise in composition. The video wasn’t not nearly as theatrical as other piano pieces of mine, but it was fun nonetheless.

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September 29, 2017 : Dragon Soul Piano Cover (in Cosplay)

This Spring not only did I make my usual trek to C2E2, but I also spent a day doing some Cosplaying for the first time (the previous Halloween actually served as a trial run for the costumes).

In addition to enjoying the experience (the costumes were very well received), I also shot a short video that mashed my love of the DBZ theme song, Dragon Soul, with our Cosplay theme. I finally got around to uploading it:

I hope to make another post in the next week that details the efforts put into making this video. I didn’t just record it and throw it online. Multiple steps were taken after the fact to improve the quality as well as address issues that arose.

In the meantime, enjoy the silliness!

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