September 8, 2014 : Pipeline: Adding An Audio Interface To The Mix

In addition to building a new computer, I also purchased a new piece of hardware for my setup… the Akai EIE Audio Interface. It acts as a removable (and improved) sound card for recording music. While this is something I’ve wanted for a while now, it did require a good amount of time and effort to figure out exactly how to incorporate it into Music Creator 6, my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation… the software I use to generate music).


Basically, I had to get this new piece of hardware to work with the software so allow my MIDI keyboard, MIDI drums, and guitar to record music. This involved several weeks of testing, researching, and forum browsing; but I was finally able to get things how I wanted. And since I don’t write and record music in Music Creator 6 everyday, I made sure to document everything so that I can refer back to it in the future.

Below is a quick audio file I made to test everything out. It’s nothing special; but I wanted to create a file that used all three instruments that I record with (MIDI keyboard, MIDI drums, and guitar).

[audio:|titles=MC6 Testing]

As mentioned a few months ago, I am considering using Adobe Audition for Mixing and Mastering audio. As such, I threw the audio files from Music Creator into Audition for some basic editing. The little time spent with the program made me realize two things: 1) there’s a lot I need to learn about Adobe Audition if I want to effectively use it, and 2) there is still a great deal I need to learn about Mixing and Mastering.

I’ve already spent some time this summer learning about general concepts, but I hope to delve even more into it to really improve my abilities on the subject. After all, a better handle on audio mixing can benefit not just the music for a short, but the overall audio quality as well.

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