October 22, 2009 : Reboot: In Development Hell?

It is unclear exactly how many hurdles Rainmaker Entertainment (formally Mainframe Entertainment) has run into while producing the Reboot Trilogy – although the original writer did drop out last year. The release of new Reboots has been talked about for a while and were even mentioned on this blogtwice. Despite all this time, there has been little to nothing leaked to its fans: no footage, screen grabs, general storylines, pre-vis work… nothing.


At least until now. A few weeks ago, Rainmaker released a teaser trailer – and the emphasis is on teaser.

It’s cool to finally see something, and it certainly brings back memories of the series. However, the clip is a mere 15 seconds long and has zero characters in it. Has anything of significance really been developed for the movie? It is slated for a 2010 debut, but who knows how definite that is.

Sigh… Apparently, it’s back to the waiting game. Wait, Astroboy is coming out soon? Okay, never mind.

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August 6, 2009 : Up And At Them!

This summer had a lot of highly anticipated films. Honestly, I was luke warm about most of them; and with the exception of Up, I didn’t see any of them. The movie that I am really looking forward to is actually coming out this fall:

Hopefully It's Better Than Dragonball

Earlier in the year, movie costs put doubt as to whether or not Astro Boy would even get released. Fortunately, things got straightened out and is scheduled to come out October 23rd.

The cast is pretty solid, and Imagi Animation Studios has cranked out some decent looking films in the past. How well it is received by critics and fans waits to be seen, but hopefully it lives up to its potential.

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February 3, 2009 : Astroboy – A Go Or No Go?

Recently, there was some disturbing news that Imagi Animation Studios is having serious financial troubles. Imagi is the force behind the new, awesome looking Astroboy Film. The article goes on to say that the studio is temporarily shutting down due to lack of money and will remain offline until it can secure additional funding.

Looks Too Cool To Get Shelved

The only thing is that most of the articles/websites that give this dreadful news state they are awaiting confirmation – and it should assume this to be just a rumor until it is verified. To cast further doubt on these rumors, Forbes ran an articles claiming the studio did run into financial problems a few months ago but were rescued (by the Chicago private equity firm, Prescient Advisors).

So it is still unsure which story to believe. It is entirely possible that both are true. Perhaps Image Animation were in trouble a few months ago, secured additional funding, but then this money fell through. As a result, they might have been forced to temporarily shut down. Until things get straightened out, the best thing to do is remain optimistic (after all, in this economy how can you not… uh oh).

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