January 21, 2024 : Vegeta Costume 2.0 Underway

With C2E2 just over three months away, the new build for the Vegeta Costume has begun in earnest. I spent some time in November and December coming up with a plan, buying supplies, and securing the undergarments:

Undergarments for Vegeta Cosplay costume

The planning was necessary since I don’t have nearly as much free time as I did 6+ years ago with the first version. With that out of the way, the main lift of the project has kicked off – specifically, building the armor. Fortunately, there are far more resources out there these days for a more efficient (and better) build. Plus, I still have the Goku to my Vegeta working on it with me. Thus far, the front of the armor is moving along:

The start of Vegeta's Saiyan Armor

There is still a fair amount to go with the armor, plus there are all the accessories. These include the hair, gloves, and boots. Some will be repurposed, while others will be redone. Hopefully the end result is an even better look than last time… which will say a lot.

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