June 29, 2019 : Spirited Away vs. Toy Story

Last weekend, Toy Story 4 topped U.S. box office receipts. The results had one of two narratives:

    – It was the fourth best opening for an animated film ever, and the best yet for the franchise.
    – It fell significantly short of projections, indicating audiences were wary for another chapter in the franchise.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed the Toy Story movies but would prefer new material versus sequels That said, I am sure the movie is solid and will eventually watch it.
What I found more interesting was with China’s Box Office. Specifically, the premiere of Miyazaki’s Spirited Away more than doubled Toy Story 4’s receipts.

To be fair, Spirited Away played at more theaters (with about a 3:2 ratio), and I don’t believe China was previously exposed to any of the previous Toy Story films. Still, I always love me some Miyazaki love, and this should not be viewed necessarily as a knock on Toy Story but praise for Spirited Away – and who doesn’t like that?

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