May 27, 2016 : ‘Player Two’ Animated Short

I saw a cool student animation film on Vimeo earlier this week. If you have just under four minutes, it’s worth a view.

There are several reasons why I enjoyed the short: the video game references, the subtle music track, and the overall message. However, I was particularly surprised with how much I liked the design.

I assumed it was rotoscoped, which is confirmed by the creator in the video’s description, and normally I am not a huge fan. I think the jagged edges often come off too jarring. This film didn’t use edges, which reminded me of Samurai Jack, and the softness works by offsetting the fast movements.

To be fair, I never really considered my brother Player One or Two – but he is definitely Player B in my mind.

posted by Pi Visuals at 7:50 pm

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