May 16, 2016 : Gundam Back On Toonami

I remember when I was first introduced to the Gundam franchise. It was Gundam Wing, via Toonami… when it was still on Monday through Friday. It was a captivating series, but sadly was followed up with some lackluster iterations – the last one being Mobile Suit Gundam SEED in 2004. There hasn’t been a Gundam franchise on Toonami (or Cartoon Network) since… until now.

A few weeks ago during their upfronts, Cartoon Network announced Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans will start up on Toonami in June. This entails all 25 episodes of the series, which has been decently reviewed.

The character design looks on par with a Gundam product. If anything, it looks modernized. I am curious to see if the Gundams were done with 3D software. Nowadays, one would think that that would be the direction. Yet again, when it comes to the highly successful Gundam franchise, perhaps it’s best not to try and fix something that isn’t broken.

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