December 27, 2012 : Must See Animated Short Films

I’m not one for internet lists. They’re basically somebody’s opinion, followed by countless dissenters whining about it in the comments section. The only times I tend to read these lists is when they offer interesting new info or links. This was the case with Listverse’s 10 Must See Animated Films.

A few of the entries I had previously seen, and I personally would have preferred less Pixar shorts (not because they were bad, but it seemed like the list should have veered away from the mainstream). However, overall the shorts were fun to watch. If you have about an hour to kill, you should check it out. Still, there was one short that I really enjoyed.

I loved the innovative concept, and the meshing of 2D and 3D animation was very well executed. The 2D animation reminded me of the old school Looney Toons, and the 3D work had a tremendous amount of detail devoted to it. And above everything else, the story was interesting. If you have five minutes, give it a look.

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