May 13, 2008 : On The Fence

Undoubtedly one of the more highly anticipated films this summer is Star Wars: The Clone Wars – a new CGI animated movie from LucasFilm Animation.  Now the poor reception of the new prequels notwithstanding, one of the bright spots during this time had to have been the Clone Wars Series that took place between the releases of these less than stellar prequels.  The success of the earlier series was definitely attributable to the involvement of Genndy Tartakovsky - the talented animator and director behind Samurai Jack.

With the recent release of the trailer for the new Clone Wars Movie, it is apparent that the original style (and Genndy’s presence) is missing.  I was personally a huge fan of Genndy’s series – both the story and the character design was impressive.  The trailer for the new movie has been a little disappointing.  The character design is 3D; and while this is a departure from the original series, it could have still looked great if done well.  However, it seems that the design was poorly done (at least in my opinion).

This doesn’t spell doom for the movie – or the 100+ episode series on Cartoon Network expected to follow the movie’s release.  However, it certainly digs a hole for itself.  A solid story and a proper execution of it trumps anything else when it comes to a series or movie, and animation certainly is no exception.  However, with the three recent live-action disappointments, I am beginning to worry that this is the new trend for the franchise and the original Clone Wars Series was the exception to the rule.

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