December 30, 2021 : Akira Animator’s Secret Message

Akira’s attention to detail has been lauded by anime fans and movie critics alike – and was even the subject for a brief post here. However, it turns out that didn’t always go over well with the crew.

A Twitter user recently discovered a message around the 38 minute mark from one of the animators who didn’t seem to appreciate the work required to provide such detail:

In English, the text translates to: Why do we have to draw this far! Knock it off! Enough

The movie came out in 1988, which seems crazy that the internet took so long to find this gem of a jab. Bravo unknown animator… hats off to you!

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October 30, 2020 : Deep Dive Into Akira’s Animation

I’ll be honest, I’m not really a fan of Akira. I found the story to be both ‘bleh’ and confusing. Plus, I also could never get past the main character’s name (Dick Army… I mean Kaneda). As such, I’ve only seen it once and pretty much moved on.

I remember the animation being solid, but not enough to save it for me. The video dissects the big intro action scene and gave me a better appreciation of the movie:

It’s pretty technical, but not enough to prevent someone unfamiliar with animation to enjoy it (and appreciate the work). I still won’t say I like Akira, but I might at least give it another watch one of these days.

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