September 30, 2022 : Me and Me – Early Sketches Uncovered

Things have been really hectic lately. Between a couple side jobs and moving, I haven’t had time to do a whole lot (insert violin music here). During the clean up portion of the move, I came across this loose sketch from Me and Me’s Pre-Production:

I am always a fan of seeing how a project evolves over time. This was probably done two or three years ago (for future reference, I should date my sketches). At this point, the script was probably firmed up, and I already went through several drafts of initial sketches and needed to firm up some design details… which explains the notes.

I keep a folder for each project that houses all of these notes, drafts, and sketches. I’m not sure why this was by itself in a drawer, but it was cool to come across. Maybe when I put it in the folder where it belongs, I will peruse through some of the other items in there.

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