September 14, 2017 : Netflix Getting Into The Anime Game

I’m liking Netflix more and more these days. I’ve already enjoyed some of their anime (Rerouni Kenshin and Hunter X Hunter), but they recently announced first-run streaming of twelve anime series as well as one feature.

Obviously Netflix is trying to get more viewership and appealing to a broader audience base is a wise tactic. I doubt they will ever rival the likes of Crunchyroll or Funimation; but seeing as how I already have an account (one admittedly I don’t use as much as I should), it’s nice to know they could be getting more material that directly interests me.

The content is expected to be available in 2018, which will hopefully give me enough time to clear out my DVR (or at least decidedly give up on shows and delete them once and for all… I’m looking at you Tokyo Ghoul and Attack On Titan).

posted by Pi Visuals at 2:59 am

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