December 30, 2016 : Best Anime For Beginners?

I stumbled on a cool article at Nerdist, listing the best anime for beginners. With only 11 on the list, it’s a quick read. They also have an accompanying video in case you want to avoid words. In terms of the material, I’ve watched most of them and heard of a few others. It’s a pretty safe list, including the more popular anime (Bebop and DBZ); but I also like and agree with some of the other choices – including Full Metal, Death Note, One Punch, and Princess Mononoke.

However, there were two on the list I didn’t know. Not sure what Toonami has coming up in 2017 for anime (although I am aware they will have Dragon Ball Super starting in January), but if it’s slim pickings perhaps I will give one of the them a shot. For the record, the list has Full Metal Alchemist and not the Brotherhood version, however the video showed footage from Brotherhood so I chalk this up to a minor editing oversight.

posted by Pi Visuals at 2:14 pm

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