September 4, 2014 : Researching iPad Styluses and Animation Apps

For a while, I’ve wanted to sketch directly on my iPad. It’s an older model that is mostly used for surfing; and with Cintiq models still being crazy expensive, it could be a cheap substitute. In order to determine its feasibility, I had to research Styluses as well as Apps geared towards drawing (and animating).

Styluses range from very cheap to pretty darn expensive; and while I haven’t pulled the trigger just yet, I am leaning towards the AluPen. At $20, it seems like it could do the trick for a reasonable price. App’s are cheaper, and I want to get one that doesn’t just allow me to draw, but one where you can animated in it. This lead me to Animation Desk Premium. It seems pretty impressive, particularly for $4.99. I don’t plan on making any elaborate animations, but it could allow for basic animation tests (or ways to kill an afternoon).

My desire to use the iPad for doodling and stick figure animations didn’t come from a desire to fit it into my Pipeline. Honestly, I just think it would allow me to draw a little more and possibly work a little more on my 2D animation skills – both of which I’ve wanted to do. Although, it is possible that it will aid in future Storyboarding.

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