June 5, 2014 : Post-Production Underway

A few more establishing shots and re-renders need to get taken care of, but that hasn’t stopped post-production from getting started. As with many of my projects, a decent amount of After Effects work is needed to put everything together. A few of the shots in this sequence will really depend on After Effects to sell what’s going on.

This is especially true with the first non-establishing shot of the short. Below is a composited render, which only takes the various renders from Lightwave and puts them in the necessary order.


At this point, without the audio, it isn’t entirely clear what’s going. Once the necessary After Effects layers are added, the audience gets a better feel for the world presented to them:


While I like this still, I think the animation for the entire shot looks even cooler. Sadly, that is something I cannot share at the moment.


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