Characters - University State

The Jackass

The first character introduced in the University State Series, he decided to attend college in order to get a better understanding of business management. His goal is to eventually manage and lead his own organization of superheroes.

A stubborn and chauvinistic individual, he never has any problems showing off his incredible strength. Unfortunately, his roommate also possesses an unfathomable amount of power. Periodic feuds aside, they have more in common than they would like to admit; specifically, their affinity to hang out at the local bars.

The Other Jackass

Not nearly as academically motivated as his roommate, this self-serving ass is more concerned with figuring out his weekend plans as opposed to focusing on his studies. Although, he is more intelligent than he lets on.

Even though he does put himself first, he has been known to show some compassion and respect towards his friends and family. Just do not press him on it. He is not afraid to display his powers to those that annoy him.

The Bitch

While she doesn't always enjoy it, she lives in the same dorm room as her two counterparts. Unlike the other two, she routinely shows restraint and responsibly with respect to her powers.

She might possess superhuman strengths, but she would much rather live a normal life void of the extra attention her abilities tend to draw. Therefore, she is very studious. However, she still knows how to have a good time.


A normal human possessing no supernatural abilities, she met the other three in a bar at University State. While romantically involved with one, Trina has become friends with the other two. She never seems scared or envious of her friends' powers. Instead, she takes it in stride and just enjoys herself in their company.