September 30, 2015 : The Iron Giant’s New Blu-Ray Release

Filed ‘yet another reason for me to finally get a Blu-Ray player’, Warner Bros. confirmed the rumors that The Iron Giant will get a new Blu-Ray release. The release date for The Iron Giant: Signature Edition has not been announced. However, it will include the two new scenes that are part of this week’s limited theatrical release as well as a yet-to-be-made documentary about the making of the film.

For those that cannot wait, the movie will be available digitally this fall. As for me, I will be watching the movie on the big screen Sunday and plan on getting the Blu-Ray (whenever it comes out). I have gotten plenty of mileage out of my DVD so I’m ready for the upgrade. Now all I need is the equipment to play it on.

posted by Pi Visuals at 3:38 pm

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