June 24, 2015 : ReBoot: The Guardian Code Greenlit For Production

This fall will mark the 21st anniversary of the premiere of ReBoot (seriously?!), and all that ‘ReBoot is getting a reboot’ talk the last few years has finally come to fruition… sorta. The news series, called Reboot: The Guardian Code, has received the greenlight for a 26 episode order by Corus Entertainment. In case you’re curious, here’s the press release.

If you didn’t feel like reading the press release, get ready for some disappointment – or at least, realize this will be a very different form of ReBoot compared to the original. First off, it will be a ‘hybrid live action/ CG-animated series’. Secondly, the original main protagonists will not be headlining the show. Instead, it will be about four teens who must defend cyberspace. On the flip side, the main villain will be Megabyte.

Frankly, I understand the creators’ desire to tweak the underlying premise of the show. One of the inherent draws for me to the show was not just that it was at the forefront of computer animation but it also incorporated modern technology into its storylines. The original show is now old enough to drink, and a lot has happened with respect to the advancement of the technology used in the plot (how new of a concept was the internet back then?).

As such, a re-imagining of ReBoot was probably a must; and while I am a little bummed that we won’t get to see Bob, Matrix, and company, I understand the reasoning. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t miss them. If anything, I am more concerned about this live action part. ReBoot is computer animation – throwing in a live action aspect doesn’t seem right. I am worried it will be an overused device within the story that will turn me off from the series (I am sure it will also be used to keep costs down).

We’ll see what shakes out, but for now, it seems like ReBoot is finally getting made (for real this time). Whether or not it will be as enjoyable as the original, we’ll just have to wait and see. For fans who have been hearing of the show’s revival for years now, waiting is par for the course.

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