July 18, 2014 : Pipeline Improvement: Music Editing

Whenever I have some downtime, such as right now, I try to reflect on my current pipeline. The hope is to identify areas of improvement – either in the form of technique or general knowledge. Over the last few weeks, I have spent some time looking into how I create music.

After recording your various tracks, they must be mixed and mastered to create the final track – skills I definitely want to improve on. Much like animation, Mixing/ Mastering is an art form. While researching the topic, I found Adobe Audition in my bundle of Adobe programs. Plugging this software into my pipeline can greatly improve the quality of  the music.

In the past, I used Sony Vegas to mixing my music tracks. This was very limiting since it is a non-linear editing. I was forced to used Sony Soundforge to make any modifications; and while this is fine for dialogue, it isn’t ideal since it permanently alters the file. Since mixing is a dynamic and reiterative process, having non-destructive is preferred.

Learning a new program can be daunting, but personally I enjoy the challenge – particularly since it could result in an overall improvement to the music in future projects.

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